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Teeth whitening

Mondfit teeth whitening Rotterdam

Teeth whitening

Choosing whiter teeth

Naturally whiter looking teeth exude a well-kept and healthy appearance and give the confidence for a more carefree smile.

With the professional guidance of Mondfit Dental Care, you are choosing a safe, fast and affordable way of whitening your teeth.


Mondfit teeth whitening

Optimal whiter teeth

Curious about what teeth whitening by Mondfit can do for your smile? Contact us for personal advice tailored to your individual needs. We take every effort to ensure optimal results. Make an appointment, fill out the registration form or call us directly at 010-760 2999.

Professional guidance towards whiter teeth

Safe and reliable teeth whitening

Certified dental health care professionals

Dental cleaning for a consistently even and uniform end result

Whiter teeth even if bleaching gel proves insufficient


Why teeth stain

The natural color of our teeth is genetically determined. The thickness and color of the jaw bone plays an important role.

This explains for example, why incisors and canines are darker than the other teeth, since they naturally connect to a denser part of the bone. Age also plays a role in the color of teeth, as teeth will naturally stain over time.

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Toothpaste Mondfit Rotterdam

Long-term dental plaque

Permanent discoloration

Foods dyes, coffee, tea, red wine but also smoking and certain medications are major contributors to teeth discoloration.

Prolonged exposure can penetrate the enamel and cause the teeth to stain.

Removing dental plaque

Timely dental cleaning

The longer dental plaque remains untreated, the more stubborn the discoloration becomes. Excessive brushing to get rid of dental plaque can lead to irreparable damage to the teeth enamel and the gums.

Therefore, always have dental plaque removed by an oral care professional such as a Mondfit dentist or dental hygienist.


What others are saying

These people went before you. Some of their reviews

Sandra Huizer
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I have been well and competently helped here by both the dentist and dental hygienist. Also, all the staff is very friendly!
Nadia al Maach
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Had several treatments due to inflamed gums. Also my children in treatment. Work is done carefully, good instructions and friendly.
I Willems
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I have been coming here for years, very friendly staff and always clean teeth. Now that I live a little farther away, I like to travel a little bit for this.
F. Marcussen
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Helped last week by the oral hygienist at Mondfit. My teeth are really super clean! Definitely highly recommended.
Walleh Taghavi
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After a bad experience at my previous dental hygienist now for a long time very happy with Mondfit.
Jeroen V.
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Friendly and cheerful staff, who explain well what they see in your mouth and advise how best to deal with any problems.

Supervised bleaching

Qualified professionals

Using teeth whitening products without professional guidance can cause unwanted results and cause permanent damage.

For example, crowns, fillings, veneers, implants bridges and dental plaque can affect the final result. For optimal white teeth, you can count on the guidance of the certified bleaching professionals at Mondfit Mondzorg.

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Optimal results

Dental cleaning and teeth whitening

Bleaching stains occur because dental plaque forms a barrier, so to speak, between the bleaching gel and the teeth. A beautiful even end result is therefore only possible with clean teeth.

For a thorough and pain-free dental cleaning, you can rely on the specialized dental hygienists at Mondfit.

According to the dental hygienist

Dangerous alternatives

“Bleaching products such as charcoal (charcoal), baking soda, citric acid, Oil pulling, Apple cider vinegar or coconut oil can lead to irreparable damage to enamel and teeth.

The above methods have not been scientifically researched or insufficiently researched and have no proven effect on teeth whitening.

– Ramin Najafbagy MSc, Oral Hygienist & owner Mondfit Mondzorg


Bleaching products by mail

The risks of shipping

Tooth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide, which means they are not legally allowed to be sold through a (web) shop.

Added to this is the fact that tooth whitening products must be kept cold, which poses health risks when sent through the mail.

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Risks of ordering online

Permanent discoloration

The authenticity and quality of bleaching gel sold online cannot be verified. This can cause the product to malfunction, spoil or even cause health problems.

For professional and safe care, turn to the certified bleaching professionals at Mondfit Mondzorg.


A discolored or chipped tooth, a gap between teeth or other dental damage? With permanent veneers from Mondfit, your teeth are fixed quickly, beautifully and evenly.

Whiter teeth

Professional and comfortable

At Mondfit, we work quickly and safely to achieve optimal results. During the intake interview, therefore, your oral situation and the possibilities surrounding your teeth are thoroughly examined.

We will also discuss expected results and give you specific instructions on how to use the bleaching gel and aftercare. The interview takes about 15 minutes.


Opalescence Go!

Recognized worldwide

Opalescence Go! by Ultradent is a globally recognized brand and has been a leader in teeth whitening treatments for over 25 years.

Oral care professionals worldwide trust Opalescence to safely and effectively give their patients a bright white smile. 

Also beautiful evenly bleached teeth and radiantly white teeth? Please contact us for a intake.

Opalescence Go!

Essential for white teeth

When you decide to whiten your teeth using Opalescence, you will receive the Opalescence Go! bleaching package.

The bleaching kit consists of eight the Opalescence bleaching gel and eight UltraFit bleaching bits; four for the upper jaw and four for the lower jaw. The Opalescence Go! bleaching package is $99.95.


EMS Airflow dental cleaning

Discover the benefits of Mondfit dental cleaning. Effective, comfortable and completely pain-free.

Alternative methods

If bleach gel is insufficient

When it turns out that teeth whitening by using the Opalescence GO! bleaching gel is not possible, an alternative treatment may be available.

In some cases, superficial discoloration can be removed with Airflow treatment of EMS. In other cases, discolorations are so deep that a more restorative treatment such as the application of veneers offers a solution.

Dentist Rotterdam

Teeth whitening

Oral hygienist Rotterdam

Looking for a dental hygienist in Rotterdam who specializes in teeth whitening for optimal whiter teeth?

Teeth whitening with Globally recognized brand

Experienced and qualified bleaching professionals

Effective, safe, comfortable and pain-free

Dental cleaning for an even result

Curious about the state of your oral health? Contact us for options. We will be happy to assist you.

Suffering from bad breath?

Mondfit Mondzorg ensures that you can quickly enjoy fresh breath again without worry.

What does the Oral Hygienist do

Everything for a Healthy Mouth

The dental hygienist prevents and remedies oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, removes tartar and plaque, and fixes bleeding gums. The dental hygienist’s treatments are aimed at preventing conditions and alleviating existing symptoms.



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Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth

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Bad breath

Bad breath

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Dental cleaning

Dental cleaning

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

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Sensitive teeth and gums

Quickly be able to eat & drink carefree again? Mondfit helps.

Our service

Why choose Mondfit Oral Care

At Mondfit, we like to consider our patients. For example, you do not need a dental referral, and we are also available in the evenings or on weekends by appointment.

Without reference

For an appointment with our dental hygienist, you do not need a referral from a dentist or other specialist.

Evening and Weekend

No time during the day? We are happy to accommodate your schedule. At Mondfit, then, you are also welcome in the evenings and on weekends.

Up to 18 years free

Up to age 18, treatments at the dental hygienist are covered 100% and do not deduct from the deductible.

Our treatments

The care of Mondfit Oral Care

annual audits

bone loss on the jaws

cavities (caries) & fillings

placement of crowns

take radiographs

Root canal treatments


establishing a treatment plan

gum recession


halitosis (bad breath)

general oral disorders

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