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Implantologist Rotterdam

Implants teeth

For people missing a tooth, a visit to the Mondfit implantologist in Rotterdam offers a solution. Unfortunately, many patients often wait too long to get an implant.

The Implantologists at Mondfit Rotterdam assist you with the placement of implants intended to restore you to a full set of teeth, fully customized and tailored to your unique oral situation.

Implantologist Rotterdam
Dentist Rotterdam

Unwanted consequences

The loss of a tooth

Missing one or more teeth often leads to problems and unnecessary dental complications. Thus, the teeth shift to compensate for the lack.

While eating, the part of the teeth missing a tooth is often avoided. This causes excessive strain on the jaw muscles and remaining teeth, resulting in excessive wear and an increased risk of teeth breaking off.


Dentist Rotterdam

Looking for implants in Rotterdam? At Mondfit Rotterdam, professional care and a personal approach are front and center.

The dentists at Mondfit are on hand with curative treatments, excellent advice and outstanding dental health care.

Contact us for an appointment today. Make an appointment, fill out the contact form or call us directly at 010-760 2999.

High-quality implants

Swiss quality

Outstanding aftercare

Pain-free treatment

Qualified dentists

Free up to the age of 18

Increased risk

More likely to develop disorders

The lack of a tooth also causes harmful bacteria to have more opportunity.

Dirt and bacteria accumulate and can also enter the gums more easily. This can have negative effects not only on previously healthy teeth but also on the jawbone, gums and even overall health.

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What are implants

The loss of a tooth

An implant is an artificial replacement of the tooth root that allows for the placement of a crown or bridge.

A screw is attached in the jawbone that clamps firmly and permanently into the jaw. The screw serves as an anchor for a crown or bridge; one or more artificial teeth that permanently replace lost teeth.

What others are saying

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Sandra Huizer
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I have been treated very professionally by both the dentist and the dental hygienist. Also, all the staff is very friendly!
Nadia al Maach
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Have had several treatments due to inflamed gums. My kids are treated here. Work is done carefully, instruction has been excellent and the staff is very friendly.
I Willems
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I have been coming here for years, very friendly staff and always clean teeth. I don't mind travelling a a little bit, even now that I live a little further away
F. Marcussen
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Helped last week by the dental hygienist at Mondfit. My teeth are really super clean! Definitely highly recommended.
Walleh Taghavi
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After a bad experience at my previous dental hygienist I've been very happy for a long time with Mondfit.
Jeroen V.
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Friendly and cheerful staff, good at explaining and advising on how best to deal with any problems.

Implant alternative

Plates & bridges

Plates and bridges are alternatives for replacing lost teeth.

A plate is a removable denture that “floats” on the gums, so to speak, and often causes discomfort. A bridge is attached to healthy teeth that need to be ground down for this purpose. An implant does not damage the surrounding teeth and, unlike a plate, feels natural.

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From intake to implant

A permanent solution for your teeth

Are you considering getting an implant and curious about what’s involved? At Mondfit, our implantologists are ready to help you further.

Step 1: The intake

During the intake interview, we take the necessary pictures of your teeth and analyze your oral situation. For example, it looks at whether there is enough jawbone. If not, this must be resolved first.

Step 2: Analysis and Measurement

During the intake, we will tell you everything you need to know about getting implants using a personalized treatment plan. We also lay out the treatment process and give you a clear overview of the costs.

Step 3: Placing the implants

During this visit, the implants will be inserted. Implant placement is a surgical procedure and is only performed by a licensed implantologist.

Step 4: Crowns and restoration

This visit takes place after your mouth has had sufficient time to recover from the implant insertion. During this appointment, the crowns are actually placed on the implant and you are done with the treatment process.

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By getting implants, you are choosing a permanent solution that lets you enjoy full dentition again. Want to learn more about what Mondfit can do for you? Please contact us for an intake.


Lasting oral health

Good oral hygiene is just as important with implants as with the rest of the teeth. Poor oral hygiene can affect not only the health of the teeth and gums but also the longevity of an implant.

Regular checkups and thorough dental cleaning, even in the case of implants, are essential for optimal oral health. Dental cleaning from Mondfit is pain-free, comfortable and highly effective thanks to the EMS Airflow system.



World Leader in Implantology

Implants from the Swiss company Straumann are the global standard when it comes to quality, precision and innovation.

Implant passport

Essential information

Unlike other countries, the implant passport is used in the Netherlands. This officially recognized document contains all the essential information about your implant.

For example, it reports information about the state of your teeth and jawbone at the time of treatment and lists the type and brand of implant. In short, the passport records the ins and outs of your treatment.

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Care and the passport

Accurate diagnosis

When problems arise, without the implant passport, it is difficult for local health care providers to provide appropriate care.

For example, when it is not known what materials, type or brand the implants consist of or what the health situation of the mouth and jawbone was at the time.

All of this complicates accurate diagnosis and treatment with all its risks. Therefore, the passport is there to ensure that you continue to have the best possible care.

EMS Airflow dental cleaning

Discover the benefits of Mondfit dental cleaning. Effective, comfortable and completely pain-free.

The cost

Charting costs

For people missing a tooth, an implant offers a solution. Unfortunately, many patients often wait too long to get an implant.

The Implantologists at Mondfit Rotterdam assist you with the placement of implants intended to restore you to a full set of teeth, fully customized and tailored to your unique oral situation.

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Also an implant?

Making an appointment with Mondfit

Are you interested in an implant at Mondfit Mondzorg? Then contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Call us at 010-760 29 99 or contact us via the contact form.

What the Dentist does

It's all about a healty mouth

Every day, our dentists work hard on our patients’ dental health. Personal attention combined with excellent dentistry are our main priority. We are committed to keeping your teeth in optimal health with high-quality treatments and professional care.

Dental check-up

Dental check-up

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Crowns & bridges

Crowns & bridges

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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

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Cavities and fillings

Cavities and fillings

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Anxiety dentist

Anxiety dentist

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Emergency dentist

Emergency dentist

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

An implantologist is a dental specialist who deals with the permanent replacement of missing teeth in the teeth through the insertion of an implant.

Implants are permanent titanium dentures in the form of one or more missing teeth that are anchored to the jawbone. An artificial tooth, artificial tooth or bridge can be attached to the implant.

Anyone missing one or more teeth can be helped by an implant. Unlike plates or bridges, implants offer the most durable dental solution.

Over a lifetime, teeth are exposed to wear and tear and oral health conditions. As adults, teeth that are lost do not grow back. Implants make it possible to permanently replace lost teeth and thus regain full teeth.

Although the chances are small, complications can always arise during and after implant insertion. This can lead to inflammation, infection and pain. In this case, contact the practice immediately.

Under the right conditions, implants can last a lifetime. As with teeth, there are many factors that affect the longevity of implants. The overall health of the mouth and jawbone, genetic factors, eating and drinking habits and dental care, among others, influence this. The oral care professionals at Mondfit assist you with personalized advice on optimal implant and oral care.

Thanks to the use of advanced treatment methods combined with the latest medical technological developments and local or even anesthesia is used to make the procedure painless. You will also be given clear instructions in advance for reducing burden pain afterwards when you are back home. You can usually return to your normal routine the day after surgery. In most cases, you will experience a few days of discomfort from the procedure.

Although it is possible to opt for implants in children in specific cases, in the vast majority of cases implants are not chosen until the age of 18 to 21. The jawbone is then more or less mature and will not change its shape much.

Although it is possible to opt for implants in children in specific cases, in the vast majority of cases implants are not chosen until the age of 18 to 21. The jawbone is then more or less mature and will not change its shape much.

Evenings and weekends

Pressed on time? Mondfit has you covered. We are available for appointments in the evenings and on weekends. Referrals by other dental specialists are not required. 

Dentist Kralingen

Easily accessible

Looking for a dentist in Rotterdam Centrum? At Mondfit Dental care, you have come to the right place!

Our practice is centrally located in Rotterdam and easily accessible by public transportation. The practice is located next to Voorschotenlaan metro station and has ample parking in the vicinity.


Dental hygienist Rotterdam

Looking for a dental hygienist? At Mondfit Dental Care, dentist & dental hygienist work closely together to ensure the dental health of our patients. Find out what our licensed dental hygienists can do for you.

Teeth whitening

For a bright white smile

Healthy, well-kept white teeth can mean all the difference towards a confident and carefree smile.

Are you curious about what we are able to do for your smile and do you want to learn more about teeth whitening at Mondfit? Then contact us, we are happy to tell you more.


Our service

Why choose Mondfit Dental Care?

At Mondfit, we put our patients front and center. That’s why we are available in the evenings and on weekends and why you don’t need a referral to make appointment with us.

No refferal needed

You do not need a referral from a dentist or other dental specialist for an appointment with our dental hygienist.

Evening and Weekend

No time during working hours? At Mondfit, we know all about busy scedules. That's why we are also available on evenings and weekends.

Free up to the age of 18

Up to age 18, treatments by the dental hygienist are 100% covered.

Our treatments

The care of Mondfit Dental Care

periodic check-ups

jaw bone loss

cavities (caries) & fillings

crowns and bridges


root canal treatments


treatment plan

gum recession


halitosis (bad breath)

general dental disorders

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